January 25, 2019
The fact of the matter is, Donald Kerry Frey has always had a passion for sharing information with as many people as possible, out of a desire that more people have access to information that makes people more aware. He certainly has an impressive background as a tech entrepreneur, which is probably why Donald Kerry Frey believes that he will make a great success of his online news and information projects. One of these projects, Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com), is a venture intended to impart the best kind of technological news in a way that makes people less anxious about what new tech, like robotics, will mean for the future.

Donald Kerry Frey deigned to create Frey Robotics and its twin, The Nova Tribune as a way to make information more useful and consumable. He hopes to make both sites into information staples that will be around for many years. Throughout the course of his career, he has studied the information space, so that he could understand how people consume information and the best ways to get more people to consume only that which is useful and improves lives.
July 20, 2018
Donald Kerry Frey has possessed a passion for information as long as he can remember. He is fascinated with discovering how information can be used to make people smarter and more informed and to make the entire world better for everyone. The notion behind Frey Robotics is based on the idea that you can inform people technology and they will be more likely to accept the developments our world is making for the future. Likewise, Donald Kerry Frey created the Nova Tribune news site to present the news in a way that respects both sides of every argument, which is something that most news sites lack. The Nova Tribune attempts to provide an alternative to news consumers that informs them through articles that reflect multiple fields and interests.

All of these site should benefit greatly from Donald’s technological vision. The fact is, it’s quite possible Donald Kerry Frey’s strong background as a tech entrepreneur could very well spell success for his media ventures. The process of information consumption and showing reader how that information can be used to make the world better is what has led Donald Kerry Frey to create both sites in the first place.